My documentary team and I were nominated for a Rocky Mountain Emmy for the documentary “Camels Don’t Fly, Deserts Don’t Bloom,” a look at groundwater issues in La Paz County, AZ.

I was interviewed regarding the documentary for RT News:

As a reporter for Cronkite News, I have covered stories for the Borderlands, Legal and Sustainability beats. Here’s a sample of some of them:

Live report on Verde Valley water conservation

Voter registration drive focuses on students
Make money by conserving water in Arizona’s Verde Valley
Colorado mayor to Arizona: Don’t legalize marijuana
Arizona residents ease into voting in Tuesday’s primary
Music is key to healing for Tucson refugees
Childcare program allows refugee parents to focus on classes
‘King of African Music’ living in harmony in NW Phoenix
Refugees in Phoenix connect to families, assistance through free computers
Guide aids, educates families on ‘what to do if picked up by ICE in Arizona
Texas residents caught between a home and a hard place if wall is built
Undocumented families use art to heal emotional wounds
DACA clubs support undocumented students
Diversity is key to senior living development in Phoenix

Here’s an in-depth look at gifted and talented funding and issues in Arizona. I developed a web page, graphic, video and full-length print story for my Master’s program at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


I also did a fun broadcast package on bocce ball while in my master’s program.

While working as a graduate research assistant and eventually a consultant to Center for the Future of Arizona, I was responsible for writing many of the “Success Stories” on the Center’s website, focusing on eight areas that encompass “The Arizona We Want” according to a statewide Gallup poll. Here’s a selection of some of the stories I wrote:

Cottonwood Wines and Dines
Steps to Success
A Chance to be Heard
A Future with Purpose
Ajo Works: Creating Jobs
Mobilizing for Education
Saving an Economic Lifeline
Central Arizona Conservation Alliance
Lead Local: Think, Learn, Do
Connecting Families to a Healthy Future
Improving the Local Food Economy
Verde Valley Forum Focuses on Post-Secondary Education
Helios Scholars at TGen Celebrates 10 Years