As the Director of Marketing for numerous organizations, I have been solely responsible for the strategy and planning each year. Here’s a sample presentation I developed for Phoenix Art Museum’s board members to explain my planning for fiscal year 2012. fy12-mktg-goals_obj

Magazines and Publications phxart_mag_octnovdec
I have acted as the Editor-in-Chief, writer and proofreader for the membership magazines at The Grace Museum, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Walters Art Museum, Phoenix Art Museum and the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I was the Editor for The Walters Art Museum’s Members Magazine from the end of 2007 to the end of 2010. Click here to see an example magazine.

Here’s a sample of my work for SCNM Inspire, the magazine for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. SCNM Inspire Spring/Summer 2015

This is the SCNM Viewbook I wrote, edited and art directed: scnmviewbook15-16_june2015_final

Re-Branding Presentation for the Walters Art Museum
At the Walters, I led a year-long review and analysis to determine if a new brand identity was needed as we moved to free admission, and if so, what it should entail. I utilized online and phone surveys to do qualitative and quantitative analyses and managed in-person focus groups to gather information from the public, then worked with a design firm to develop what ultimately became the museum’s new brand identity. One of my presentations on the re-brand to the Audience Committee of the Walters board may be accessed here: rebrand-presentation-summer-10. I am pleased to say that as of December 2016, the revised branding is still in place.

Print and Web Advertising
Over the years, I’ve managed ad campaigns for dozens of organizations, which have all included some component of print and web advertising.

scnm_advertisement_naturalawakenings_january2015_v1 300x600_discovery-day-spring-2015-11

pinturamexicana heroeswalters walters_ad_jewishtimes_sept2010

TV Advertising

Here’s a fun TV ad I worked on in partnership with Visit Baltimore and the Maryland Science Center when I was Director of Marketing at the Walters Art Museum.

While at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, I developed several TV spots:
Community Commons
Simply Inspiring (I also did the voiceover for this ad)

Here’s a Spanish-language ad I worked on with Univision Phoenix to develop for a Mexican art exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum.

Collateral Materials
Along with the advertising campaigns I’ve created, the collateral materials I’ve art-directed and written continue a cohesive look and feel, from brochures to flyers, from postcards to fun graphic one-sheets.

thrivecatalogcover SCNM Thrive Catalog summer2015_thrivecatalog_v2

thrivepostcardcover SCNM Thrive Postcard summerthrive_2015_communitypostcards_6x11_v2

azo_12-13_brochure-phx-11 Arizona Opera 2012-13 Brochure azo_12-13_brochure-phx

RAISING_OUR_VOICE.pdf Arizona Opera Capital Campaign Brochure raising_our_voice_final-brochure

Print Arizona Opera Key Accomplishments Graphic

I was the team leader for the redesign of websites at the Kimbell Art Museum (2006), the Walters Art Museum (2010), Phoenix Art Museum (2012) and Arizona Opera (2013). I worked with web design companies to map out and design the websites, and wrote most (or all) of the content with input from curators and other department heads. I am fluent in HTML coding and most CMS systems.

Social Media
I managed the teams (or handled directly) the social media efforts for the Walters Art Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Opera, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and The Arizona We Want (an effort of the Center for the Future of Arizona).

Here’s a social media plan I presented for Phoenix Art Museum. social-media-strategy-pam_7_6_11

And here’s a plan I presented to The Arizona We Want (part of Center for the Future of Arizona). taww-social-media-plan-riesenberg

Public Relations/Media Relations
I have worked with media nationwide (and internationally) to make sure my organizations receive the publicity they desire. I have written hundreds of press releases over the years (perhaps thousands!) and have utilized my strong interpersonal skills to increase relations between my organizations and the media.

Newspaper placements (and their online counterparts) include: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Times of London, The Baltimore Sun, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, San Diego Union-Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, The Arizona Republic, and many more local and regional papers.

Magazine placements include: VOGUE Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Texas Monthly, ELLE Magazine, O the Oprah Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, magazines in Japan/Germany/the U.K., and many more.

TV appearances and mentions include: CBS Sunday Morning; ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/PBS stations in Baltimore, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix; Univision; Telemundo; The Travel Channel; German and Japanese travel shows; and many more. Here’s an appearance I worked with Univision Phoenix on to feature Phoenix Art Museum’s Mexican Modernism exhibition on the show “Despierta Arizona.”

I developed new events at Phoenix Art Museum (Art Night Out), the Walters Art Museum (First Fridays) and Kimbell Art Museum (After Hours at the Kimbell) to attract younger audiences and LGBTQ audiences (and increase membership). My team and I worked on the implementation of major press conferences at various venues (on-site, restaurants, theaters, galleries, exhibition halls, hotels) and I developed several press events that were held in New York City at the Good Morning America/ABC studios and at Aquavit Restaurant for the Kimbell Art Museum.

Editorial Style Guides
I developed an editorial style guide for The Arizona We Want (part of Center for the Future of Arizona), and have acted as proofreader and editor at each organization I have represented. taww_editorial_style_guide_riesenberg_final